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Funny as always... but is your voice actor okay?

I really enjoyed this one. I hate the postal code thing.

I noticed Foamy's voiced 'dropped' a few times... I haven't heard it do this before... intentional or a sore throat?

I enjoyed it...

I found this to be quite enjoyable. I love Zombies... I'm okay with Linkin Park (I must say that while not musical geniuses, every single track they release is catchy). The combination worked quite well. At the end when the "I'm About Ta' Break" became literal I started to laugh out loud.

Neat concept, animation was okay but could use work, same goes for that art...

Good Job

Sandwich91 responds:

i love linkin park, all they're songs are quite catchy. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

yeah like i said before it was made 3 years ago so i was pretty inexperienced back then.

This made my night...

This was by far the funniest thing I have scene on the web tonight. The concept was original and the writing was excellent. Good comedic timing as well.

The animation could be a little smoother, but it didn't really detract from the piece in my opinion.

And seriously, I'm assuming zombie was spelt wrong on purpose considering its a flash about screwin' one.

Good work!

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Dylawrence responds:

God dammit you have no Idea how good that is to hear! not only did I make someones night better, but I also got someone to get the cutesy spelling of Zombie for comedic effect... I'm glad you enjoyed it

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You have a pretty neat little game engine here, but there are a few points which I think need some work.

The controls felt excellent... nice and tight. This made jumping and shooting feel very natural.

The main character has very nice walking animation.

I had one issue with enemy pathing... I don't like how the green enemies can "airwalk" if you shoot the red brick out from under them. I wasn't a big fan of the "superslide" that happens when you shoot them, but that is just personal preference.

A simple fix is need for the transitions from screen to screen. Right now a clone is visible if you jump across the screen. I found this unnerving as I kept thinking there was an enemy appearing below me.

I wasn't a fan of the music selection, but the big issue I had was that it was too loud compared to the game sounds.

Looks good and I hope you do more with the project.

This is hands down my favorite flash game of the year thus far.

It had minimalist, but very adequate graphics.
It had a solid and comforting Metroid-style gameplay and level design. (I didn't get lost.)
It had the right amount of difficulty to make it enjoyable.
The controls felt as though the character had a little too much momentum for my liking. (made it a little sluggish on jumping)
Finally, the music vs sound effect levels were a little off I thought (there may have been a way to change it, but I didn't look because it wasn't that bothersome... only noticed it on the bosses that were kickin my butt... lol)

A very enjoyable way to spend an hour.
Thank you.

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I got a weird glitch...

the game just scrolled through the different rooms and ended... I was awarded 4 awards (Secret Room, DIE, Master Theif, and ESCAPE!) then the loop started over again.

I'll reboot then try again.

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Wait for 1:30 before making up your mind...

Most definitely chaotic... a little insane.

The voice of Billy chirping up sounded very natural with impecable timing.
Tina's also perfectly fit the character.

The interactions between John and Todd were gold.... 'I mean you're not watchin porn or nothin'.

Todd's voice had a solid 'male' ring to it, but John's still sounded quite feminine. He sounded very much like Calamity Jane from 'Deadwood', rough and tough but still female.

Oh, and a very creative way of incorporating TURTLES xD

Good work and best of luck.
You certainly have the energy to produce great works!

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rednikaiaG responds:

Thank you for your detail, Pawn007------>
Chaotic, yeah, a little insane, definitely. *Billy blurts out "spanks", after hearing me say, "Thanks" as I type it, and Tina is busy on the phone with her I-wanna-look-like-a-whore-at-age-14, girlfriend from high school, Stacy*
===I'll keep in mind that Todd sounded more male than John. *whose ego is now shredded apart by your de-masculinating words, whilst Todd adjust his shirt, and how it falls over his pectoral muscles*
I LOVED the Calamity Jane voice comparison too! That really isn't what I was aiming for, but I Sir, will TAKE it! Loved that damn show!
I truly thank you for stopping by, Pawn007. Your review made my night. Honestly.

...........Take care, be good and don't admit, if you're a Gangsta,
that you JUST got your @ss beat, by a cripple.period

I'm Adam Mack, aka Pawn007. I voice act as a hobbie. I have, what has been described as a testosterone filled voice. If you have need of a deep and/or raspy male voice send me a pm. Check out my 1st news post for a summary of my flash work.

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