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(gaia) va3C 1st turtle (gaia) va3C 1st turtle

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Wait for 1:30 before making up your mind...

Most definitely chaotic... a little insane.

The voice of Billy chirping up sounded very natural with impecable timing.
Tina's also perfectly fit the character.

The interactions between John and Todd were gold.... 'I mean you're not watchin porn or nothin'.

Todd's voice had a solid 'male' ring to it, but John's still sounded quite feminine. He sounded very much like Calamity Jane from 'Deadwood', rough and tough but still female.

Oh, and a very creative way of incorporating TURTLES xD

Good work and best of luck.
You certainly have the energy to produce great works!

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rednikaiaG responds:

Thank you for your detail, Pawn007------>
Chaotic, yeah, a little insane, definitely. *Billy blurts out "spanks", after hearing me say, "Thanks" as I type it, and Tina is busy on the phone with her I-wanna-look-like-a-whore-at-age-14, girlfriend from high school, Stacy*
===I'll keep in mind that Todd sounded more male than John. *whose ego is now shredded apart by your de-masculinating words, whilst Todd adjust his shirt, and how it falls over his pectoral muscles*
I LOVED the Calamity Jane voice comparison too! That really isn't what I was aiming for, but I Sir, will TAKE it! Loved that damn show!
I truly thank you for stopping by, Pawn007. Your review made my night. Honestly.

...........Take care, be good and don't admit, if you're a Gangsta,
that you JUST got your @ss beat, by a cripple.period