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2009-06-12 15:59:17 by Pawn007

So folks... I do voice acting for those who require it. Send me a PM with a character description and sample lines and I will send you a couple of recordings.

Below is my body of work:
Zolaft!: I did all of the voice work for this Zoloft spin off. My firsted published work on newgrounds and I'm proud of it. It also won Daily 4th. Not too shabby.

Rest in Peace MJ: Yup, I helped a crazy Finnish friend of mine with a Michael Jackson video. This guy has an interesting style and sense of humour.... also has played a little too much Left4Dead. Not the most sensitive thing in the world, but not the least sensitive either.

Johnny Salem Ep 1 Part 2: I really liked working on this project. I played a character named Tank and its some of my first voice work. It was done on a shitty headset microphone that didn't properly record if I raised my voice too high. This is probably the earliest of my work that you will find on Newgrounds. Part 1 is found here.

[MUTE] Prologue: Here is a fun little project being made with HardyMonster and Shintoku. Its basically a book on tape.

Ozy's Masterstroke: In this quick clip I play Ozy from the Watchmen as he single handedly saves the American people and the world from disaster. This won a daily 5th and got frontpage!

WH40K Collab: I did a few voices in this collaboration about every nerds favorite game... Warhammer. I made my first recordings for this 6 months or so before it was released... certainly took awhile. This won a daily 1st and got frontpage!

Morality Genocide ep3: This is an interesting, and in my opinion, underrated series. I did some voice work for some of the extras including the bartender, pilot, reporter, and the guy who lost his porn.


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2009-06-12 16:01:47

thats cool.


2009-06-14 13:17:31

wow you did it like a professional.Great man keep it up.


2009-06-25 17:59:12

Nice job voice acting man.

Pawn007 responds:

Thanks to you and the others above for the encouraging words. I currently have some more projects on the go waiting to be published.

I must also note I'm a fan of the Supra... too bad they haven't made them for awhile... too bad Toyota doesn't make any cars with ballz anymore.


2009-08-04 05:58:26

Hell yeah daily fifth and front page! Thanks for the help, the Ozy voice really drove it home.


2009-08-08 23:41:23

hey, thanks for the kind words about Johnny Salem!
i didn't know you did Ozy's voice on the Masterstroke video!
That made it ten times better.